Colon cancer is the frequent cancer type, not always deadly but many people have it. in 2016, 140.000 people had this and either as rectal or colon cancer.

This cancer is not always deadly, but is common with common signs. See them in time and prevent this.


This might be many things, not just cancer. If they last for some time and long one too, see a doctor fast.


Another overlooked sign and vague too. In modern ages we are all tired, under stress and overlook this. No sleep and bad habits also affect it. after sleep if you still are tired, check this. Cancer feeds on energy and also could make blood loss.


If someone loses weight fast this could be lethal. Strange weight loss is 5% of total weight in less than half a year. If you are 150 lbs and lose 8 lbs in half a year. This could or could not be cancer. Cancer needs energy and weakens immunity for infections. This is why people lose that weight. For colon cancer, a tumor might stop and block the colon and change bowels.


Many people pay focus on bowels, consistency, appearance, timing. Also polyps, small grape bunch looking tumors that could turn to cancer and change bowels too. They impact the large intestine and stool changes.
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