Amazing Buddha Miracles You Will Love to Read

Amazing Buddha Miracles You Will Love to Read

I am going to write about some really amazing Buddha Miracles and the best thing is, this topic doesn’t need to explain more specifically. Because Buddha in itself is a miracle. Everyone just knows this.
There are too many life events buddha we have been reading, hearing so there is nothing too hard to believe that miracles are possible. Many of the things are just live in front of us. We have been seeing a lot of changes in our society.

Here in this article, I have collected some super cool Miracles that are been or not been discussed. But, they are all true.
Without any further ado, move on to the interesting topic.

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Yeah, you read it right. This news was on trending some days back all over the globe. Too many peoples were just shocked because, that women were very ill and about to pass away, and about having a “dead hand” after surgery which was healed in 24 hours with Buddha Maitreya Christ’s etheric weaver.
This Buddha Miracle just saved her life. Doctors also gave up on their efforts to save her, and then Buddha’s Miracle worked.
If you want to listen to her testimonial you can watch it here:


You will surprise by knowing this, that on the second day of spring King Udrayana made great offerings to Buddha. The Tathagata then turned his head right and left, and on either side of the lion throne, a jewel mountain emerged.
On every mountain, there was magical spring flowing and its water has eight different tastes. One mountain was covered with lush green grass to satisfy the needs of animals on the mountain. While other mountains were covered with special food.
Some of those present generated the supreme bodhi–mind, and many established the inclination for rebirth as humans or gods.

Amazing Buddha Miracles You Will Love to Read

When some Lacchvi peoples met Buddha. A really great thing happened. While discussing life with Buddha, those people ask about thoughts. Buddha enabled the minds of everyone and then, everyone was able to read the thoughts of every other person.
Everyone saw each other’s Good as Well as Bad thoughts too. All those people experienced faith and they praised Buddha. They praised the knowledge, faith, and miracles of Buddha.
Then Buddha gave a really great message to everyone about thoughts.

I hope you loved this. This is the some of the amazing miracles by Buddha.


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