Best Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Best Buddhist Meditation Techniques-min

Are you a looking for true Buddhist Meditation Techniques that will help you make your
mind more peaceful? Yes, Buddhist Meditation Techniques is just miracle in another
word. It is very important in everyone’s life to have mindfulness energy flowing through
the body. This technique teaches how one could easily connect with the soul and dive deep
inside in there self.
I have seen that too many people’s are really looking for Buddhist techniques, mainly
because they are easy and it works. Today in this article we have come up with the BEST
BUDDHIST MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. We have done really good research on this
so that, now we are ready to serve you best tactics to win the race.

According to Wikipedia,
Buddhist meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy.
It includes a variety of types of meditation.
In simple words, it is a great technique that helps anybody to achieve mindfulness and
state of relaxed mind.
Have a cup of coffee, relax and read further amazing techniques to grab more about
Although you must have bit understood that it is one of the great technique many people
use to make a peaceful mind. Do start picking up notes, and try some tactics which you
think are easy for you to do. Try them and see results. (I mean miracles 🙂 )

Let’s move to the topic: METTA
METTA technique is also known as Loving Kindness Technique. Mahayana Buddhism
encourages this meditation technique. In this technique, meditator focuses on his/her
own beliefs and not any others.
The process to perform this technique is really very simple. It is as follows:
You have to first visualize Buddha sitting in front of you. You are surrounded by other
great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of old. You have to start feeling the love between them
and pour it into your heart. Also then, you have to visualize your family, you’re loved
ones, your friends, even your enemies also. Start feeling the immense flow of amazing
feel of kindness, love, loyalty, positivity, and greatness.
That’s how simple it is. Yeah! You can also do this easily. You won’t be uncomfortable
with this. Try this out, and let us know your experience in the comment box below.
Let’s move to the next one:

Yeah, you read it right! This is for all of them who has a myth in their mind that
meditation can be done only when you are sitting in meditation posture. If you are also
tired of sitting for a long time, try out this really simple technique.
In this, you have to go out and have to focus on your foot. You have to take steps to
move ahead very slowly. While moving your feet, you have to try to hear the sensation.
Also, you have to grab your attention to your breathing. Move your feet slowly ahead,
back around and just observe every moment.
There is nothing more in this technique you can have an exact idea how you can do this
by watching video on YouTube.
Try out this, and let us know your experience in the comment box below.

Now Move To The Last One: VIPASSANA
You might have heard this name before cause this is the most popular technique. Even
Buddha reached Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree by using this Meditation
Technique. This method is also known as Anapanasati or the Empty Mind Meditation
The process of this method is not that simple but yet it is not that hard either. You will be
comfortable with this once you start doing it regularly. It is as follows:
You have to sit properly in the meditation posture. Be comfortable with your posture,
don’t stress your body to be in posture. Use abdominal breathing. Start observing your
breathing. Observe the breath coming out from your nose and going in your nose.
Breath gently, deeply, comfortably and regularly. Soon it will become an effortless habit.
Start observing your thoughts without following them. A simple look at every thought
comes into your mind and it will disappear soon. Keep it up. After some time, you will
notice that your thoughts will be slowed down. You will start noticing the small gaps in
between those thoughts.
In this gap make your mind to rest. Try to make the gaps longer and longer, until no
more thoughts arise. You will feel that your mind is now empty. Your mind will become
This is how you can do this great Empty Mind Meditation Technique. This is must do a
technique, so please try this out and let us know your experience in the comment box.
If you know to some good meditation technique which you think it should be on this list,
let us know. We will add it here with your credits. Thank you so much for reading. Keep
visiting our page. And review us in the comment box.


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