The problem with excess pounds becomes more and more common these days. Every third person on the planet suffers from overweight or obesity. These people suffer from different health issues and conditions and they cannot lead a normal life.
Back pain, joint pain, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular issues are just some of the conditions they suffer from. Sadly, but these people also suffer from low-self esteem. They have difficulties to put on their shoes, stand up from the bed etc.
That’s why today we will present you 7 essential steps that will force your organism to convert fat into energy and thus getting rid of the excess pounds. You will solve this issue quickly by following our tips.
Ketosis is a normal metabolic process where the fat cells are converted into ketones – compounds that are actually essential source of energy.
You should do your best in order to achieve this process. Here is the list of the general steps to this process (ketosis):
#1. Test Ketone Levels
Test your ketone levels in the body for optimal results. There are 3 kinds of ketones: acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone. They can be evaluated by your breath, urine or blood. The experts can tell you a lot what to do with your diet in order to get your desirable results!
#2. Be Physically Active
This case is not exception because it has extremely good impact on your overall health. Workouts boost ketosis so physical activity is obligatory in order to lose weight!
#3. A Fat Fast or A Short Fast
You will reach ketosis by not eating for a few hours. Many people actually achieve this condition between breakfast and dinner. Intermittent fasting can significantly boost the process of ketosis!
#4. Protein Is Important
Protein keeps our muscles and bones healthy. It also keeps our nails, hair and skin in good condition. These elements also help you achieve ketosis.
You just have to intake proper amounts of protein and other nutrients in your body!
#5. Implement Coconut Oil To Your Diet
Coconut oil is definitely one of the healthiest ingredients in the world. This amazing product helps you to achieve this process. In order to avoid problem with digestion, add coconut oil to your diet gradually. Begin with a tsp on a daily basis and increase up to 2 tbsp per day!
#6. Consume Healthy Fats
There are different kinds of fats. You should definitely consume healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive, avocado, butter etc. these sources are rich in healthy fats!
#7. Exclude Carbs From Your Nutrition
Reduce the intake of carbs into your diet. The sugary foods will be used as a main source of energy by your body. This is why it is really important to stop consuming these foods. Keep a low carb diet and do not forget that the amount of carb you should stop eating actually depends n your body.
Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!


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