The body gets exhausted and it is prone to the accumulation of toxins in both kidneys and liver when you consume fatty and processed foods. Liver is the organ which is responsible for filtering the toxins. The kidneys may also suffer from the toxicity in the blood if your liver is not function properly.
The consumption of bitter veggies and herbs is the best way to detoxify these organs. Unfortunately, most of the people love to eats sweet but hate bitter taste.
The bitter taste of the veggies and fruits is actually linked with poisonous chemical components such as alkaloids in the plants. The consumption of these foods is essential for your body. This food should be also consumed by animals when they are sick.

Why You Have To Consume Bitters?

The plant that we will present you today is rich in medicinal and nutritional properties which activate different physiological responses.
Bitter food stimulates the secretion of digestive acid the boosts the absorption of nutrients and improves the process of digestion.
In order to improve adequate stomach acid for the process of digestion, people who suffer from acid reflux benefit from eating some bitter before meal.
This food reduces food sensitivity reactions, improves regularity and the process of digestion, improves the gut flora, prevents from overeating etc.
Bitter food aids in the treatment of ulcers, significantly alkalizes the body, also supports the function of endocrine glands and it is essential for people who suffer from diabetes.
As we already mentioned above, bitter food removes waste and toxic me trials from the body.

How to Benefit From Bitters?

It is really important to taste the bitterness of this food in order to reach its benefits. It actually activates the neural reflexes as a result of the bitter receptors.
Do not sweeten the bitter food with honey or any other sweetener. You have to endure its bitterness if you want to benefit from all of the benefits that it provides.
How to Consume Bitter Gourd Juice In Order To Break Down Kidney Stones
Make bitter gourd juice and drink about 6 oz on a daily basis for at least 30 days in order to break down kidney stones. This juice will break down kidney stones and remove in urination.
  • A tbsp of coconut oil or olive oil
  • ¼ organic lemon with peel
  • 3 pieces of huge bitter gourd or 6-7 pieces of small bitter gourd
Squeeze the lemon and gourd in a juicer, pour the juice in a blender, add the olive oil and mix well in order to dissolve the oil. You will eventually feel that the stones are being removed through the urine.
Reminder: This is extremely powerful and bitter juice. Consume a large amounts of water during the treatment and try small amounts of this juice if you are not used to consuming bitter.
It is advised not to consume excessive bitters if you if you take any medications, you are nursing, pregnant or undergoing on any therapy!


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