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What is Buddhism?

Behan by Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism is religion. It is believed to be created from Hinduism and therefore, somewhat similar to Hinduism. It teaches people to empower their wishes and overcome the life’s suffering by cutting off the hatred, ignorance, and greed. It teaches believing in karma. What you do and give to others, comes back to you, is the basic teaching of it. Reincarnation is their beliefs and their ultimate goal is  getting rid of this reincarnation and  getting enlightenment. It has its origin about 2500 years ago. In this practical life of sufferings, people are diverting, if not in complete sense, but partly through learn Buddhism online. Buddhism varies from country to country due to different guarantees and culture but the basic teaching is same.

Who was Buddha?

Gautama Buddha, birth place Lumbini In Nepal, born in royal family. His luxurious life couldn’t guaranteed him happiness and he explores teachings of various religions and philosophies. He practiced meditation and found the path of enlightenment.

Is Buddhism is a religion?

This thought varies from person to person. But to many it sounds philosophy as it deals with love of wisdom. It directs us to lead a moral life, develop wisdom and understanding, and to be aware of thought and actions.

It is popularized. It answers to the problems of materialistic societies and provides the deep understanding of human mind and natural therapy.

Buddhism doesn’t mean that other religion is wrong. It agrees with the moral teachings of other religion. But it extends further providing the purpose  in our existence through wisdom and understanding. It not only concentrate to preach and conversation but to realize one’s mind. Learn Buddhism online and preserve the real teachings of life.

Four noble truths

Life is suffering. It is as it gets pain, diseases, getting old and ultimately death. Psychologically, we suffer loneliness, disappointment, frustration, embarrassment, and fear. Buddhism explains how suffering can be avoided and replaced with true happiness.

Second truth is life’s suffering is caused by craving and aversion. Our expectation from life and others, which when not fulfilled, results unhappiness.

Third truth is to overcome the suffering and attain the happiness. Learn to live each day at a time without dwelling in the past or future can lead us to happiness and freedom.

Fourth truth is the end of suffering.

What are the five precepts?

  1. Not to take any living life
  2. There is no free lunch
  3. To stop from delivering lies
  4. To avoid intoxication
  5. To abstain from sexual relationship.


Buddhism defines the life’s purpose, focus on injustice and inequality, provides the codes and shows ways of life to secure true happiness in life. It believes in meditation. Its teachings leads to the facts that solution to any problem resides within us only. Buddha restricts his followers to blindly accept his words rather they can test it personally in their own. It directs a person to decide for themselves and be responsible for their action and deeds.

Some popular quotes in related to Buddha teachings are:-

1.Meditation brings wisdom, lack of if leaves ignorance.

  1. Hatred ceases through love only and this is unalterable law.
  2. The root of suffering is attachment.
  3. If power of giving is known to you, then not a single meal of yours will pass without sharing.
  4. As the pot fills drop by drop, similarly patience need to attain to achieve goals and success step by step.


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